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Originally Posted by JimZYellow View Post
Just wanted to point out that Rampage Jackson was in Pride FC before coming to the UFC. Machida started off the the UFC and was never in Pride.
Rampage was also in King of the Cage before Pride and Machida certainly did NOT start off in the UFC. He was in WFA and before than, he was in Inoki. No-one starts off in Pride FC...even Shogun, who came in with very little experience because he was Ninja's little brother and part of Chute Boxe. My point simply was that fighting culture is different internatonally and that it's not thought of as a bloodthirsty pursuit, and you can tell by the way that a lot of international fighters such as Fedor or Genki Sudo or Akiyama act compared with a lot of north american fighters. I mean, you have exceptions like Aoki who plays the fool a lot, but I'm speaking generally.
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