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Originally Posted by mstearnsy View Post
big differences in terms of luxury:
- no xenon headlights
- fog lights are optional
- no stereo upgrades
- no climate control
- no power seat or leather availability
- cruise control is optional
- alloy wheels are optional
- no body colour trunk handle and roof strips

A 320i with a stick is actually quite nice to drive. The 320i automatic is pretty slow though.
Yes, manual is a must. I notice no real acceleration difference between the touring and the 320i. The 320i has a 3.38 rear which with the manual helps.

Leather is available for the 320i. Lots of examples out there.

What roof strips are you referring to? The strips that the roof rack screws into? I thought they were black on all e46s but now you mention it you are right. Never really noticed as the tourings have black strips.
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