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Originally Posted by fuufuu View Post
I have a quick question. As my first car i plan to own a BMW, sadly the only car I seem to like, everything else is 'ok'.

But I'm a bit curious on costs to own one, not insurance though, like oil changes and such. I am still a full time student and have to pay for that too

(I know im a girl, but I understand cars pretty well thanks to the boyfriend, but i cant remember EVERYTHING, anyways he's off in the military so i have no one else to ask and my dad is a muscle car guy and Honda owner...go figure.)

My Bosses car tell me scary stories like "my husband leaves 1k every time he goes to the dealership!" "oh they break so easy" "go for a audi" (repeat in thick Chinese accent)

So what am i up against?
BMW is the acronym for (thick Chinese accent) Break My Wallet. (Grin)

they aren't so bad -just depends on which model and how new or old the car is. if you can afford a new 3 series then money really is of no object. If not then I would go with an e30. best bang for your buck. find an honest worthy mechanic or someone from here to maintain it for you. trick with this model is to find an reliable, good condition as they are becoming harder and harder to find. I would stick with a Honda while is school. cheap on gas, easy to fix and lots of them around.

I think I've had 18 bmw's in 6 years.

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