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Originally Posted by Berlin View Post
thanks for all the tips guys

im gonna borrow those from partsource, and ya, what else do you think can go wrong so i can prepare

Partsource is great - free tool rentals are amazing.

What else can go wrong? Well, you've already done dif, if I'm not mistaken, so that shouldn't be an issue. We've covered subframe (broken ends, stuck SHCS on the retaining plate). Front suspension is simple with the right tools, rear suspension, you might have to stand on the trailing arm to pop the spring, particularly if it's stock. If you've got the spring compressor for the front, you could use that too. All the fasteners should be big or unexposed and not rusty, aside from the 4 SHCS.

You'll need a way to hold the strut while you loosen the nut holding it to the bearing, or you might get lucky and have it come right off. Despite the temptation, I suggest you avoid impact tools here.
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