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Originally Posted by Bullet Ride View Post
Bleeding the rear brakes takes a whole of 10-15 minutes with the help of a friend. The only dangerous thing is your bleed screws might be siezed in the caliper, so try to open the bleed screws on the calipers before you disconnect any of the brake lines (should you choose to drop the subframe completely). With the subframe completely out of the car I was able to easily remove the subframe bushings. If the core was still bonded to the bushing I used a coping saw to cut the core out (cut through the two rubber ribs, then used a sawzall to cut through the metal sleeve in two spots and hammered the sleeve out, took about half an hour per bushing.

5/8" tap, 5/8" bolt, a piece of steel rod and a BFH
Tap the piece stuck in the body from underside of carand insert bolt. Go into cabin with rod and BFH and start slamming. I had to pound both sides out on my car, and it took a good few minutes of hammering... be careful not to hit the rear window with the BFH
I just simply drilled a couple holes in the remaining material, stopping shy of the body, then used a chissel to break it the rest of the way through and it fell right out. Took all of 10 minutes per side Wouldn't work if the subframe was in... at least not as easily.
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