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port and polishing turboed head

alright i just got off the phone wit my machine shop for my m20 head,,,,

we pressured tested the head and she turned out to be in really good condition,,,,and what we r going to be doing to it is welding up the water journals,,,,o ringing the head changing out the guides and obveously shaving and seating the valves,,,,,,thats going to cost me about 600 bucks ,,im trying to bring him down a bit ,,,we will see what happens

then he mention port and polish the head aswellfor a whopping extra 700 bucks,,,yites,,,,,,expensive as hell i think,,,but he said hell do a bundle deal,,,but who nows what that means

my question is does port and polishing give me a big enough gain on a turboed setup,,,,,,r the gains worth the money,,,,,cause in my opinion i rather take that 700 and buy a MS for it which i think is more worth it ,,,but just want to see what all ur ideas r

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