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ChumpCar @ Shannonville

Not sure if any of you made it to this event, but I thought I'd give some quick feedback to those who are interested in these sorts of races.

We had an excellent time at this race and the guys at ChumpCar definitely put on a great show. It's similar to 24HOL in terms of the vehicles entered, but the overall feel is much more competitive and focused on racing rather than the goofiness of lemons. There are also no ridiculous penalties or other BS that I remember from my last lemons race....

The full-track course took its toll on us and many other teams, as we ate through tires. It's a fast track and was extremely fun!

Unfortunately I wasn't running a beloved E30 or other BMW, but we drove the tractor-powered Johnda Deere Civic #39

The E36 #31 definitely showed its skills and they have some excellent drivers

And, alas, it was good to see a dirty 30. Also a very quick car! (when it's running on all cylinders )

We're gonna be heading to the next "local" ChumpCar event at Gingerman Raceway in August. I'm expecting another exciting event!
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