Thread: 3 Series FS: 1991 318i Sedan Red
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FS: 1991 318i Sedan Red

Seems kind of silly for me to be making this FS thread as I have no idea exactly what was fixed on the car but I know a lot of stuff was.

To my knowledge:

rear shocks
spark plugs
shifter linkage assembly
new battery

I know there's more but I'll let my bf list it.

217,XXX KMs

I bought the car in November, fixed everything that needed fixing it passed e-test and safety. It's slightly lowered. I'd keep it but I need money for a down payment on an E46. I'm just looking to get my money back on it, I also have brand new winter tires for it paid $700 for them and only used them from Nov until March.

As is: $2500
w/winters: $3000

Prices are slightly negotiable.

These are the only shots I have of it ATM, I'll have better pictures of it once I pick it up from my friend.

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