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lol I didnt know it was
PM me your number I will swing by to see ya!

BTW guy's I dynoed the car tonight Keep in mind the motor is 13 years old and that it is completely stock.

I made 236 RWHP at 60xx RPM corrected it gives me about 246 RWHP
I could have done higher but at high RPM's the octane dropped (91 of Québec shit gaz)
with VP racing fuel I could get and extra 10 to 15 RWHP
the printer was down they will email me the dyno sheet so I will be able to put it up here and show you guy's the numbers. very nice curbe to.

At my big surprise the car is still in perfect shape and running really strong. I did a compression test this morning and it's still 192 (lowest) to 195 (highest) PSI on all 6 cyl.

thanks for dropping bye
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