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Originally Posted by mstearnsy View Post
Reaction time doesn't impact your ET. 60' time does. All a good reaction time does is give you a better chance against the guy next to you if you're running someone. I've seen fully built drag cars sit at the line for a couple seconds and still run an 8.xx 1/4. They're not 6 second cars though.

The 60' time gives an indication of how hard you're launching the car, and that impacts your ET. I ran 60' times in the 2.1 s range when I went to the track once because I refused to launch my 330 hard at all, just 2000 RPMs. That ruins your ET's if you follow my lead.
Yep I know, I am just working on RTs for the "competitive" aspect of the drag race. The drag radials will dramitically help the 60" times. What is basically understood is that .1 of a second off a 60" time equates to .2 off your 1/4 mile ET.
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