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Originally Posted by HavocSteve View Post
What was the car beside you? I see her ran a .344 rta I think I saw on the last pass. If you can get off the line a little bit quicker you might be able to get under 12secs. But those are some nice lap times, pretty steady and even times.
Reaction time doesn't impact your ET. 60' time does. All a good reaction time does is give you a better chance against the guy next to you if you're running someone. I've seen fully built drag cars sit at the line for a couple seconds and still run an 8.xx 1/4. They're not 6 second cars though.

The 60' time gives an indication of how hard you're launching the car, and that impacts your ET. I ran 60' times in the 2.1 s range when I went to the track once because I refused to launch my 330 hard at all, just 2000 RPMs. That ruins your ET's if you follow my lead.
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