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Originally Posted by HavocSteve View Post
What was the car beside you? I see her ran a .344 rta I think I saw on the last pass. If you can get off the line a little bit quicker you might be able to get under 12secs. But those are some nice lap times, pretty steady and even times.
This is a funny story, the car beside me was a bright orange jacked SRT8. I smoked him in the run and as we are pulling up to the slip hut he is jawing at me and was shocked at how fast the car was. I just smiled at him. After a few passes people starting coming up to me and asking about the car, it was really fun, as the folks were saying they did not see many BMWs on the drag strip.

My rts and 60 feet stink I am working on it now, it is my greatest opportunity to improve my times. I am going to bolt on drag radials and throw in some race gas to push for an 11 second pass.
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