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Its nice to see this dealership and those two scummbag employees get whats deserved to them...

Remember the majority of used car dealers are scammers (especially in the axis of evil Keele, dufferin, Steeles, finch area, etc) but this was a NEW car, at a NEW car Mazda franchise dealership. Goes to show they're all crooks. Reminds me when a certain (unnamed) BMW dealership way back when, tried to sneak in an extra UNKNOWN $2500 on my 3 series... needless to say, it didn't add up on the invoice correctly, and I complained till the problem was corrected and justice was served.

Mazda of Orangeville - I was doing their website/advertising for a bit back in 2007/08. I could of told you they were scammers years ago. But it's nice to see they are finally getting their karma along with some of lousy dealerships in the axis of evil...

One look/conversation at/with the owner in person and anyone will obviously tell he's dishonest. They didn't revoke his franchise for only this situation but many more in the past since they've opened. One of the worst performing from my recollection as well.

Driveitsideways, they still owed my company at least 3 invoices as well. We gave up and stopped providing our services.

SLR.... I heard that too... Are you speaking of Moe or Bains?

Quack, might have to take you up on that offer... as nothing more pisses me off to see these so called "wannabe ballers" drive exotic cars that are not even in their names, leased in other peoples names, with scammed money from poor unsuspecting people like this woman. - Ah the stories I could tell, I don't think anyone would ever want to buy another car again especially not here.
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