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Originally Posted by champ0202 View Post
my car = 99 323i with sport pkg with just over 230 000km

As my car has over 230km on the original suspension its time for a change. I am thinking of putting bilstein HD all around with HR sport springs. I am looking to keep the original height. Is there a better setup out there? Or should I go with the sport instead of the heavyduty?

I was looking at zimmerman rotors however I have come across a good deal on Xtreme crossdrilled rotors and hawk pads. Has anyone heard of Xtreme rotors? are they any good? they do come with a zinc coating?
A couple of points:

The H&R Springs will drop the suspension 1.5" front and approx 1.2" in rear regardless of the strut/shock used. Bilstein HD would be quite rough; suggest Bilstein Sport vs. HD. But since you don't want to drop height; you can either replace with stock springs and shocks/struts, or go with a coilover kit that allows you to adjust ride height to your preference. You didn't mention budget; which is a conseration, because coilovers aren't cheap.

I prefer the lowered look and feel of my Bilstein SP and H&R SP setup:
If I wasn't driving an XI, I would have gotten H&R's Cup Kit.

your call.....
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