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Post Doogee Dakar M3 Track Build


No one has really done this on max before and I see too many on bimmerforums so I want to "contribute"?

I've been going to the track for 2 years, and all these upgrades to my car are just getting ridiculously uncomfortable. I'm also not a fan of taking my DD to Mosport GP. I really want to get into racing as well in the future. So this was a good time to start building a car..."for the future"

So I set out to build the track car. I grabbed a 100% clean 97 Dakar M3 from Euroguy (Tom). He had begun to part it out, so I stopped him

I decided to go all out and do this properly so when the time comes to actually start competing with the car, I don't want to be messing around too much.

So I'm going to start taking photos of my progress and kind of explain why I'm doing what I'm doing.

My short list of mods so far includes:

S52 /w Schrick Cams
OBDI Conversion
Rebuild the head
Solid Diff mounts
90A Powerflex Subframe Mounts
Bimmerworld solid engine and tranny mounts
Alluminum Rad
95 M3 or Z3 Steering Rack
(Hopefully) Bimmerworld intake
Bimmerworld Adjustable Rear Control Arms
UUC Swaybarbarians will most likely come off the DD
Wheel Studs
6 Point Cage
Fan Delete with SPAL
AKG Shifter
TcKline delrin RTABs
Bimmerworld Delrin FCABs

Coilovers are undecided. All depends on budget. JRZ RS's would be nice but more than likely out of the picture. I always have my TCKlines from my other E36.

The list will build, this is everything I can pull out of my head at 12:00. Luckily I have some time to build this thing. Going to be buying part by part. I wish I were rich so I could buy everything Who wants to donate

Definitely a special thanks to Euroguy (Tom). He's really helped me out with all the parts I need.

Dakar M3 Track Build Thread

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