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Originally Posted by DUBL02 View Post
Ok guys, checked the car out and found;
The lower front panel rotted through.
The bondo on the door (rest of car is bondo free).
One of the rear shock towers has been repaired, the other is just showing some rust.
Some rust in spare tyre well, but doesn't go through.
One of the drivers seat mounting points has rusted through.
One of the gas pedal pivot ball thingys has rusted off but the rest of the floors and frame rails seem ok.
Paint blister and some heavy scratches on small area of roof.
Small area of rust on the rear wheel arch.
Rest of the car looks good with decent paint.
Started right up from cold and idled well (new Webber carb)
Drove good with no shifting probs.
Lights and gauges work fine.
Seems to be a lot of oily residue under the car (front to back). Could be rust protection i guess.
There is also more residue in the engine bay.
Looks like the oil pan is leaking (couple of drops on the floor while i was there).
I work in a machine shop so have access to welding gear etc. so i could do some of the repairs myself. I like the car but i also want to be realistic so i guess i am looking for some input to help me decide. Sorry for the lengthy description but it's a big decision for me. I would appreciate your input, thanks
Hi Martin,

Are you willing to drive out to Port Perry? I know of a 2002 in much better shape that is available for not much more money than the one you looked at. If you are interested, send me a PM and I can give you specs of the car, and the address.


- Rudy

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