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Originally Posted by T.Dot_E30 View Post
I assume your the red e39, my question is why would you keep trying to pass cars when they weren't holding up anything? There was barely any room in front them or the car in front of them, Yet you were still attempting to pass people at every chance you got. (Yes that was me giving you the finger along with Stephanie when you passed like 3-4 cars and forced your way in).

The only reason i could see is that you thought this was a race and you were trying to get in front of people. We were cruising along at like 80 for a good while on the straights and the group was pretty tight (Jay was held up by traffic and was just cruising along), yet you still felt the need to pass like 4-5 cars and shove into the line. If you had listened to Jay talking you would have heard him warn ppl about passing.

/End of My Rant.
I got a question for you, offtopic. Did your e30 have a m20 or m50? I need to know the weight of a single mass m20 flywheel. Google yields a wide range of numbers, and since you had a e30...
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