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Watch out for rust, '76 02's are notorious for rust. Bring the following

small magnet
pencil or pen
jackstands and jack

Look everywhere including

-rear shock towers, both through the trunk and under the rear wells
-subframe attachment point to the rockers
-spare tire well(expect a bit of rust here)
-frame rails, especially the driver's side near the clutch master and under the main cabin directly under where the front seats are
-lower nose panel
-check under the front wheel wells, look up where the fenders attach and use a pencil to poke around
-pedal box (pull the driver's side carpet up front)
-floors (front and rear) - pull the rear seat bottoms and look for rust, especially where the bolts are for the subframe mounts
-doors (look on the bottom)

Use your fridge magnet to spy out bad bondo

any bad rust in these areas must be factored into your price

good luck

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