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Originally Posted by chromius View Post

What does this have to do with Sept 11th?
pretty much everything.

Originally Posted by StikiGreenZ View Post
Honestly, quit acting like a know it all. These people CAN tell by the responses. They are trained. Millions have been spent, psychologists, PH.D's and others have developped complex metrics to gauge human behaviour. What you think doesn't really matter one bit.
And no, terrorists can be trained, but they cant beat every system all of our research on human behavior has come up with (not all of them at least).

Honestly, you don't know what you're talking about. Neither do I. But I have faith in properly trained scientists, psychologists and other experts that have determined these systems.
if people started killing politicians the way the system can murder its own citizens - what they thought wouldn't matter much either! or at least they'd get way more of the publics opinions on things before they made new law or reg's

and I know what the fook im talking about too - 100%!
so you can all eat my steaming troll log -especially the fabian socialists!

I have faith to0 - in huge-manitee's! want sCienCe!? go wide eye some of 'milgrams' work (7 out of 10 of the people around u would physically Hurt u if an 'authority' figure ordered them to)! oh plus i got lovely 'science fact' showing video's all day long, in the 100's!

Off duty TSA and bf deputy pose as DHS steal pizza punch store clerk!

ps - look at these fat fooks

oh wait , some more TSA stuff

TSA cop- plant cocain for 'jokes'

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