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Only reason why I don't want to invest the 150$ is because its going to new brakes. I'm not worried about the braking system. Btw.. I got a welder from my next door neighbor lol. I'm going to redo the brake lines this weekend and completely make sure they are 100% up to snuff. The clutch was redone, another reason why I bought the car. I'm going to be doing the bushing later this summer as I think I'm going to get my rear-end cleaned and get the seals replaced ect. I just want to have fun. I know a turbo can do that for me. Not looking for something retarded but the kit looked alright for stock internals. I would end up changing things over time but if I had the 5grand to get the turbo done properly to run around 20psi then I would just look into an engine swap with a turbo already on it or something a long those lines or even drop a 350 in it and send it to a shop.

Edit : The turbodynamics kits look nice but holy crap! Thinking that the 2grand kit looks better then 5grand >_< man thats a lot of $$

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