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Originally Posted by HavocSteve View Post
Well the thing is.. I'm just looking for some moderate boost. I only want to get like 5-10psi range. Just enough to tease me and please me, but not enough to get me in trouble. I just want to pull away from the Honda and Cavalier kids in Oshawa. There are some nice 180sx and VW's that I've seen, that just pull like mad. But the Honda and Cavalier kids are just stupid. My neighbor down the street drives a auto Cav. and has this HUGE muffler and it sounds like someone is crapping themselves going down the street. Absolutely retarded. At least the BMW will sound like a real car.
5psi is not enough, enough to beat a cavs and civics, but not enough. My car is only at 5psi right now until I fix up a number of things, but it's definitely not enough ... so yeah shoot for 10psi

My car has a similar cheap turbo for now, the v-band on the exhaust is a bit leaky, but w.e I minus well run it run for a while. I plan on going with an HX35 like e30_kid89 mentioned and a stand alone engine management eventually so I can haz more

edit: also keep an eye out on the for sale section on e30tech (I recommend signing up there if you're not already a member) because there's regularly peoples turbo set-ups and turbo parts for sale there

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