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You will have to price there car here and then there to see the difference, it varies too much. I saved about 7,000.00 on my z3m. Here is how it is done, call customs in canada, give them the serial number to be sure it allowed into canada and if and how much duty will be payed. Six percent is norm, Nothing if car is made in the US. Send a copy of the ownership to US customs 72hrs before bringing the vehicle over. This is very important. Show original ownership and car at US customs, they will stamp it, drive to canada customs, pay tax and duty, plus charge for air conditioning and a RIV fee. Then drive home. Documents are easy to fill out in canada customs office. Just show bill of sale and ownership to them. This is extremely important!!! You MUST get a recall letter to show the the RIV (register of imported vehicles) office. You can also use a "Warranty vehicle Inquiry" report, which I used. BMW is hosing people $500.00 for a recall letter, they don't want cars bought in the US because they are so much cheaper. Go the the riv site for detailed info at or if you are stuck call me 416-695-2472. I have imported 6 cars so far. Good luck, Peter
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