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i was in the area so went to look at that red IX. What a disaster. Its mangled, and definitely NOT Hartge. everything is busted or dented, sitting on all flats, 2 wheels are ****ed, interior is ****ed, no hood release so i popped it with a driver, but under the hood is pretty pitiful too. Front axle boots were all screwed, valence and bumpers had a lot of damage, exhaust was crumbling. The trunk had a Hartge badge... right beside the ///M badge, under the ebay wing.
Best part was, the guy wanted so much for it, would not call me or give me his number, and when we finally agree on a time and the address(I had to leave work early to fit his schedule), he didnt show.
This car is scrap, what a waste of time.

Just thought I'd let you guys know so noone else bothers.

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