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Originally Posted by chromius View Post
Looks like you guys had fun. Great to see! More pics and details!
Here's my story:

Went to bed at 10pm Sunday night. Fell asleep at 1am. Awoke at 4:40am, in Timmies at 5:15am and at SBP at 5:30am. We left there around 6am, got fuel in Calabogie (94 octane, $1.14 a litre) and arrived at the track at 7am. Some people were, others arrived after us. I removed the crap from my car (I packed everything I own, basically), and got my sound test done which I passed at 78.5 dB. 92 dB was the limit, so my Magnaflow would have worked just fine.

Tech inspection was a few minutes later, and by 8:30am we were ready to go. There was a brief meeting outside to introduce everyone to the track and the flag people. Then, into the classroom.

Our classroom instructor was Glen Clarke, who's driving experience includes karting, formula cars, GT racing, "One Lap of America", and "Targa Newfoundland". Glen was the Winner of the 2006 Targa Newfoundland. He was driving the light blue Porsche in last year's Targa who had traction issues in the rain. He owns Open Road Motorsports. He is wise.

My instructor Chris Skene was a former CBC voice over guy with loads of instructor experience. He was amazing, and it helps to have what sounded like George Carlin talking to you in your ear piece, which were given to us at the track.

He did two laps in my car, which ran flawlessly, then pulled over and I finished the session. There were two corners I kept getting mixed up, but otherwise I knew the course and felt good.

Classroom time was in between track time, and was very informative. Glen was unique in that he was teaching the 'beginner' things, but acknowledged some things would have to be unlearned at higher driving levels. For instance, we were told not to trail brake, but we'd learn it later on if we took more advanced courses.

We had lunch after session 2, a brown bag with a sandwich, drink and snack.

In sessions 2 and 3 I became increasingly confident in the car and myself. My tires held up amazing, and the brakes were the weak point. The front were 395F after the second session, right at the peak of operating temp for my street pads. I did get some fade, but I could just take it easy for 1/4 lap and they'd be fine again. I never once slid into understeer the whole day, so I didn't find the limit of the car / tires.

Derek from Autovation took me for a fun ride in his E36 M3 monster. It pulls like mad and stops like an angry troll. He was doing an exercise with a green GT3 out on track, then just did some fast laps. It was fun, but I felt a little nauseated which I fully expected. I get car sick in the passenger seat pretty easy. Thanks for that!

In session 4 I ran into a fuel pickup problem because I was down to a 1/2 tank. Any of the hard right complexes would leave my pump dry and it would die out for a second or so. If I took it easy and didn't crank the corner it was fine, so I just went slower this session and focused on looking for turn-in points that were track side.

After this session I went and got some more fuel. I took 30L, which I'd burning in 130km which is 23L/100km. I should have filled up at lunch.

Session 5 really allowed me to stretch out. If I got a good pull off "Gilles" into "Easy", I could hit 190kph on the back straight "Rocky Road" before the heavy braking point into "Mulligans". I turned harder and faster each lap until the session ended (too early for me!).

I think the day was a total success for everyone who attended.

Instructor driving:

More with me driving:

One more.. Apex!

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