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Originally Posted by persian451 View Post
I think thread is kinda old, but do you happen to have the schematics/dimensions to your mounting bracket? or make one? i'll paypal ya too
Here's one more pic I had of the bracket

I shat out a sketch of two pieces of the bracket. The third piece was made out of 2" wide by 3/16" thick flat stock steel. What I did was weld the two pieces to it as shown then I hammered it until I got it to the angle that I wanted. It took a bit of staring at the engine bay, then hammer a bit, check fitment, hammer some more, check fitment... etc. After that I cut the slots so I could mount using one of the bolts from the cruise control mounting and I drilled another hole farther back in the bracket. I guess you could just use the two cruise control bolts but I wanted to distribute the load better so I drilled the second hole farther back.
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