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Originally Posted by nickdaytona View Post
i know guys, and I'm looking forward to getting together but theres all sorts of shite in the works; (not that I'm asking for sympathy)

1. Still waiting for R.I.V. after faxing my clearance letter. Gonna phone them this week but i'm busy with;
2. getting my boys' '72 2002 out of the damn bodyshop where its been for 8 F'in monthes but it would be too much $ to pull it at this stage because ;
3. I'm still trying to get paid back for helping out a "friend" by buying his Corrado 2 years ago and being strung along since then ( but he assures me hes almost there LOL! ) which would be great because;
4.I have to get the '66 Chevelle safetied and ready for CSCS on June 6 at cayuga which will run me a couple of grand holding up plans for:
5. getting bodywork done on the GTR which is now religious around the back window and will cost over 4 K ( but goes GREAT!) which is keeping me up due to;
6. the fact that the 280 I can't NOT buy is white and needs to painted as well.

Easy to follow, no?

I also have to fit in some roofing, decking and contracting as well as working out at my cousins farm full time ( best job in the world! )

CSCS JUNE 6 - represent , 7's !!

You are a busy man!

Links for CSCS?
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