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True, welding a new piece in is the absolute best way to do it. But as I said before, epoxy sealer works wonders when you spray the complete piece like the truck and underneath the car like we did with the Trans-Am. The sealed metal will last longer then the frame. My next door neighbor has a 1964 Pontiac Firebird droptop. He did the proper thing and got his car dipped in acid and welded new sheet metal and then go it sealed and painted the proper way. Only took him 9 years to make his car though. For me, I'm just worried about the main components. Frame rails are near mint on my iS, just the truck needs to be done which my friend has a spare parts car in which I'll be cutting his stuff out and then I'm going to properly seal and tar the truck so it won't rust anymore. My car will look completely different by the end of summer and done correctly to some extent without having to completely gut the car. I agree completely with the rust, but you can't find a perfectly mint e30 without some rust anywhere. Mine wasn't to bad and I'm willing to put the work in to get it done right.

Btw.. anyone know someone who wants to buy a 1980 Pontiac Trans-Am ? My dad doesn't want it anymore.. and since I have my project car there's no point in having 2 >_< One owner car and engine has a new Holley carb with Holley valve covers and everything. Interior is absolutely mint and engine runs nice. Have new shocks and extra doors and shacker hood and everything to make it complete. Just getting the word out ^_^

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