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Originally Posted by audi5000 View Post
if i swapped out diffs and maybe the engine down the road, would that turn my "E" into an "I"?
You can put the I head and intake onto an E motor. A lot of people do that becuase the E motors actually displace 2.7L, so swapping the freer flowing I head onto the E block is an easy/cheap way of doing a stroker build. Talk to Rudy (craz azn) about his car, it pulls like hell.

If you are considering engine swaps in the near future, head over to R3Vlimited and look at the m50/2 swaps and dont worry about what kind of M20 your getting right now

Diffs are easy to find, but the LSDs are a lil pricey, that's why its best to try and find an IS/ES right off the batt.

Lol, and to answer your question, yes, swapping the motor will turn your E into an I, and swapping the seats/diff/steering wheel/suspension (?) will turn your I into an IS (or E into an ES)
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