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PM garretvs on BF.C, he and his dad put an LS1/t56 into their E30 and detailed every step, including drawings you can take to your machinist for engine mounts, hydroboost bracket etc. If your 327 has different geometry than the LS1 then you're kind of on your own. You should do what they did - buy a foam mockup block of your engine and start measuring.

Here's his PM to me when I was considering it:

Thanks for the interest!

Yes, we have a 250+ page book detailing Everything we did: engine mounts, radiator, intake, exhaust, fuel system, wiring, brakes, etc. The book is in 21 chapters, with pictures, sketches, parts lists, suppliers, and dimensioned drawings. We show, for example, step-by-step methods for building the engine mounts and HydroBoost brake systems.

We are selling a color hard-copy (costs us about $55 to print) for $149 via PayPal. If you are interested, we can email you some teaser pics of pages in the book.

Garret & Steve
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