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Originally Posted by HavocSteve View Post
You can replace them with fuel hose and just make brackets, that way less bends ect in tight spaces. It takes a day to do all 4 brakes, if you have the flare/buddle tool and can take even less time if you know what your doing. Doing cost much and then you know you have solid brakes yourself because you did them. The only thing I would be concerned about is the fuel line above the tank that runs to the pump. Doing that is a ***** but can be done with some smart thinking with the fuel hose and going to the steel pipe. Also the front frame of the car would be another good place to check. Solid frame is always a plus with older cars, you'll notice people post picks of nissans and stuff like that with some rust on the frame rails. Just make sure there's minimul engine work and tranny work. If your decent at body work you know it doesn't cost much to get some sheet metal or just replace other things. Running into Cam issues and Timing belt issues ect can cost you fortune and not to mention a tow home.
I take it you don't know much about E30s. Here is a little hint: Rust is THE single most problematic part about them. 'Cam issues and Timing belt issues' are cheap in comparison...

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