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Originally Posted by Brent View Post
The first one sure looks a lot nicer from the pics...what are the km's on both? I would be concerned about the new clutch needed on the IX , and I think by reading posts that the IX's might be harder to work on/get parts for (IX owners, please correct me if I'm wrong). I haven't replaced my clutch, but one of the other forum members told me he had to fix his, it was over $600. A used exhaust would be about $100, new interior $250+, battery $100+. These numbers are based on what I paid for mine (if I got ripped off, can someone let me know). Both cars will probably need more than meets the eye, but so far you know you have to fix the IX to the tune of roughly $1000, at my estimation. Unless one of the IX guys steps up and says you've gotta get the IX because they are much more fun or valuable, I think the black car is the way to go (KM comparison not withstanding). I'm not the most knowledgable member by far, but that's my opinion...
Unfortunately most of this is the truth. The biggest problem is theres no real way to test the VC if it doesnt move(without some special tools). Replacing the VC can be very expensive for new, and hit and miss for used(I've heard some awful stories of cooked VCs being resold as good). Aside from the block, suspension, steering, trans, TC, driveshafts, axles, brakes and exhaust, everything else is pretty much the same as a normal e30

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