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Originally Posted by E30 Girl View Post
It's so true I have so many people tell me that S2000's are slow and have no torque blah blah blah. What they forget is it's so much lighter that most things out there I end up being faster. I pulled 3-4 car lengths on a 330 and am faster then any E36 M3. I wanted a two seater convertable and in this price range there is nothing better IMO.
First off congrats on your new ride...I like the S2000's but there just isn't enough leg room for guys 6' plus.

Second I find it interesting that your S2000 is faster than any E36 M3. I have raced a couple S2000's that my buddies had with a 2006 Honda Accord V6 and they couldn't pull away from me. In fact that faster we went the more I started pulling them. Now I have raced E36 M3's with this same Honda Accord and even with a noob driver in the M3..130+ they easily take off on me. Both cars stock too.

You must have one of those freak motors
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Do we really need an Ipad???
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Only if you have an iVag.
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