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Originally Posted by overlordjd View Post
OK chromius
based on your experience as a borderguard and your indepth knowlege of their training and also the fact that you know so much about criminal psycology, does this guy fit the profile of a terrorist based on the answers he gave?
Never said I was an expert, so I couldn't tell you what profile this guy falls into, plus there's no video footage either. The simple fact is that the guy crossing the border was a complete douchbag, wouldn't give straight answers, and was giving smart ass comments. So the first line guy (guy in the booth) sent him in to get further screening by someone who has the time to deal with a douchbag without holding up traffic. The guy inside was trying to be polite, and was trying to explain the situation and just ask a couple of questions. The guy was still a complete ass (even to his wife), and ended up taking it too far when he started talking about guns and shooting people.
You state that everyone has a tell. Does everyone have the same tell? Are these guys trained to catch everones tell? did September 11th really happen?
This is quite a stupid question, but I'll answer it anyway. Of course not everyone has the same tell, but everyone does have the same bodily functions, like blood flow, pupil dilation, eye movements, hand gestures, etc etc etc. And quite obviously, they can't catch everyone, what a stupid assumption. But just because they can't catch everyone, does that mean they shouldn't try?

What does this have to do with Sept 11th?
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