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Originally Posted by SamE30e View Post
If 100 uninvited people we're coming into a party at your house and there was potential that 1 of them were going to steal something, wouldn't you expect them to answer some questions?

Now coming back if you're a Canadian citizen and being hassled by Canadian customs is kinda balls.
to think you could tell someone who was going to steal from you by asking a few questions is just pure ignorance.

It doesnt matter if you answer the clowns questions politely or not. It is up to the individual clown to determine if your answers or actions are suspicious enough to warrant futher search and questioning.

Real terrorist know this and will practice to answer questions politely and as specific as possible to achieve their end goal.

For a border agent or cop to say that someone seemed supicious is just bullshit. Most people although innocent get nervous around these asses.

These asses don't have a clue what they are doing and are just playing the law of average. Every now and then, they pick some poor soul and decide to make their lives a living hell.

The ass in the video stated they catch 3 terrorist in a day. How many real credible terrorist does your law of average allow to pass through in a day?

Once they've ran your documents and everything is in order, everything else they do is bullshit.

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