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Originally Posted by ChrisTO View Post
ya...i wonder how real this is...why would you be recording as you are going through border crossing? i can understand if he started recording after getting hassled.
well if thats your only reason for doubting it -then don't doubt it at all.
a cop gets behind me in traffic & my cam comes out, starts recording.

and considering it again - its unreal (or 100% normal) that guy ends up arrested, for nothing.

even worse, there was a huge Illegal immigrant protest in arizona, non citizens with 'Demands', they according to media set biz's on fire & hurled objects at police. some covert communists in the u.s gov want to give these people Ammnesty. which somehow turns into a need for every u.s citizen to carry a gps rfid locator i.d. meanwhile we get arrested for not knowing exactly what store in a mall we wanted to go to.

america - fast tracking to becoming the 4th fking Reich (and canada's no better)
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