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Originally Posted by 2k328Ci View Post
Hi all,

I have a 2000 328Ci with the orignal BMW Business CD headunit. I find myself listening to AM radio more and more and have noticed that whenever I turn on my rear window defrosters, the AM reception goes haywire and all I get is static. Now without the defrosters I find that I am getting deteriorating AM reception. Is there a lose antenna connection somewhere I can check? I think the top portion of the rear defroster lines are the AM antenna, but shouldn't there be some kind of filter that kicks in when the defrosters are on? Is there a connector at the rear windshield that I can check (I can't see one without taking the headliner out)? How should I start to trouble shoot this problem? Is there a good place/shop to take this problem to?

The reception will go bad if you tint you car with metalic tins.
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