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Originally Posted by craigIS View Post
I know 2 boarder officers. They abuse their authority, plain and simple, but they do try to be fair. First, you need to tell the person immediately after your pull them over for questioning, why you are questioning them, they can't just tell you to sit down. When you ask why am I here, they "have" to tell you. Second, They need a reason for questioning you. Unfortunately, they can make one up on the spot. Third, Pulling your arm away from a law enforcement officer, is resisting arrest, not assault. The officer either has to verbally tell you, your being arrested, or, simply touch you, like lightly grab your arm.

There is no video, but something tells me when the officer grabbed the guys arm, they guy had no idea that he was being arrested. He didn't want to be touched, so he pulled away. But the law is the law, and he can' do that.

I also did not hear any sort of threat to any of the officers. Why would they say something like that? There were no threats. The guy asked if they were going to shoot him.

Even at the boarder, you "STILL" have your rights. Due process my friend. What happened in the audio was not due process.

-Brad-: I know your new here, so I'll be easy on you llol. Take law before replying to threads like this.

EDIT, there was a video, everything is taped there. It's just that it probably hasn't been released to the public........for obvious reasons.

But this is what i am getting at. Sure some officers can and do abuse their powers. I can agree with this. But what i am getting at is, it's still their booth. You can say you have rights all you want but you need to know you cant win here. There is no point in fighting it. Police officers have so many one liners its not funny.

"i used as much force as necessary to control the situation?"

Well how do you deem what is necessary?

I think you know what i mean. Reasons can be made up on the spot and they can fk you're day over and you're life if they so choose to.

The thing is... if this guy wasn't a smart ass at the border there would have been no problems. Dude went through there looking to start something and they gave it to him.

Also regarding the "LAW" comment. It really doesn't matter. Sure they need to tell you this and say this or say that before they touch you or pull you over.

But tell me if this matters? I personally don't think so. What about the guy who is getting kneed in the head or tasered for that matter? Alot of cases where things go too far but nothing happens.

People are trying to fight a brotherhood and you cant win.
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