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all you can do is shake your head at the situation. I don't think I could resist answering the way he did about what store he was going to. He could have not questioned the overpaid security guard the way he did, but that does not mean he should have gone to jail for that. Here, the d#@&k heads would just keep you there for a while and waste your time.
The fact of the matter is that the US overpaid security guards do not need any reason or justification to deny you access to the states or to pull you in for further questioning and search.
Americans are already not favorably looked upon throught the world and videos like these do not do well for their image.

I almost feel like this happened to me.

I cant believe some of you think the guy fully deserved what he got to the extent he got it and that he makes all canadians look bad. You guys must live in a box and don't get out much.

If you travel enough to the states, you would know that sometimes it is really hard not to lose your patience with the ass clowns and give a sarcastic answer. questions like how can a young guy like yourself afford a car like this?

Go anywhere in the world and conduct a poll to see who they hate more, Canadians or Americans.
And after this video they wonder why.

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