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Originally Posted by North View Post
I like the part of the video in which the customs officer says:

"As soon as you pulled away from my officers, when they went to grab your arm, that's assault. ...You're going to jail."

Pulling away from someone who is trying to grab you is a natural reflex, and there is no way that can be considered assault. I honestly don't think this video is fursrs.
hahahaha. I was thinking the same thing! Assault would have to include some kind of physical contact as in shoving the officer or hitting him in some way. By pulling away from his attempt to grab you your doing nothing, especially if you don't cause him some sort of bodily harm.

The guy was kinda being a jackass to the border officer, but the way the officers handled the situation was pretty stupid. My only question is what the hell this guy was using to record all this. If he had some device on him that could pick up all of this and didn't declare it when the asked him he could really get screwed over. lol
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