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Originally Posted by craz azn View Post
Looks a lot better now nice and lowered. Where is your iS lip? Looks like a hefty kink in the left rear quarter?
iS lip got torn off in the mentioned off road excursion, I might still have it somewhere and could reattach with some stip steel and self tapping screws . And yes there are two hefty kinks, only really noticeable when the light is hitting the car right, also a result of my off-roading as well as the previously mentioned kink in the rear valance. But in retrospect the damage could have been a lot worse i.e. totaled car, so I was lucky.

I raised the ride an inch on all 4 corners tonight and put the rears fully soft (the fronts were already fully soft) the ride is good, not as harsh as I thought it would be. Just need to bleed the brakes now and I should be good to go (I bought a larger bleed screw and drilled out the old one and taped the new one)
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