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Add me to the list of confirmations. Had same issues but I dont know what fixed it because everything was replaced in the front all at the same time. Definately a loose steering rack or tie rods( go on a gravel road, drive moderatly like 15-20 if your steering wheel jumps all over the place massively its def steering rack or tie rods. you can also make tiny little left and rights on the highway very quickly not enough to move the car but just to see and feel out the how much it takes of turn to actually make the car react you will probably feel couple mm in each direction loose and then a tiny bit more pressure and feel the car actually respond). Also a bad alignment(which comes back to outer tie rod balljoints or front control arm bushings) will create that same shitty feeling on the highway. let us know what you plan to do after you've inspected it... ps take it to a shop very casually so they dont charge you massively and have it inspected on a hoist you can see so much more and feel stuff out than if you got one wheel off the ground or whatnot at home.

Just read my post over. I used "massively" twice... is that even a word? wow...
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