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Originally Posted by Spalz-_-e36 View Post
i noticed that while driving on the highway i have to pay close attention to my grip of the steering wheel as sometimes even a strong gush of wind can veer me off (not severely but enough to make me grip my wheel a little tighter than i should have to). im not sure if im just being too picky but i was wondering if anyone has noticed anything similar to this.

its a pain in the ass when i have to take a long highway trip and i cant have a relaxing drive doing a reasonable speed. sometimes when the wind is stronger this gets even harder to control. my car tends to do a similar motion ~ ~ ~ while driving. im not sure if those symbols help the explanation lol but basically i feel like im doing tight swerves for about 5 seconds, and it happens periodically.

to make myself clear, its a possibility that im just being picky but ive driven numerous other cars on the highway and my e36 seems to be the toughest to control. im thinking its a problem with my car, hopefully not a problem with my driving
I had a similar issue .. I noticed it the most on the gardenier (around kipling) .. use to freak me out .. I thought it was my setup like tires or suspension but it ended up being my alignment
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