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Originally Posted by richie_s999 View Post
Oh god here we go

your right a boosted motor will have increase over a non boost motor but a 400 hp boosted motor is under more strain due to various factors when comapired to a motor that is producing 400 hp with out boost.
Really? Would you like to quantify that with any facts? Not only that, you making a pretty broad statement as well. If you're talking about a 6L V8 making 400hp vs a 2L 4 cyl then maybe, but that doesn't mean the 4 cyl will not last as long. Fact is with the proper tuning and component choice the boosted motor will "live" just as long as your NA motor.

On the flip side, what about a small displacement NA motor trying to make the power of a small displacement turbo motor, which one do you think is under more strain?

It comes down to personal prefference. I never said there
is anything wrong with boost

get your panties outa your turbo
Nor did I say there is anything wrong with going NA, but you right off the bat implied that numbers don't mean anything yet in real life, yet a boosted motor makes MORE usable power then an NA motor which is what you were trying to argue against in your previous posts.

Take a look at OEM's, they're all going to smaller displacement, less cylinders and turbocharging to get the same power while getting more economy (read: efficiency) then what would be possible with an NA motor.

It's pretty simple FI > NA in pretty much any case.
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