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Exhaust...what to do??

Hey guys,

I have a completely redone exhaust line on my car. I have the SS replica headers and then 2'1/4" line to high flow cats. Shortly after the cats, I've got a magnaflow X-Pipe followed by one dual in dual out magnaflow muffler and then another dual in dual out muffler at the end of the line.

I added the second muffler in the middle cause the car was way too loud and the drone inside the vehicle was unbearable but not much has changed . It was quieter when i first installed the muffler but I think the backfires the car makes when slowing down in gear has damaged the internals of the muffler making it pretty useless.

Now I 'm thinking of just buying a cat back exhaust but I need to find one thats 2 1/4" to fit my current setup. I don't mind if I have to modify it abit for it to fit I just want to make the car quieter and driveable!!

Anyone have any idea what I should use and what available out there? If anyone has something to sell , please let me know, i need to find a solution fast before I go deaf.

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