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Originally Posted by 1minte46 View Post
I love your car keep it up, and what suspension are you using, may I ask? Secondly in answer to your question of how much i want to get rid of i was thinking of a look like this

Plan to replace CV boots and quite possibly drive-shafts regularly. The stresses you will be adding are HUGE!

and why does our Xi's weigh so much more at the front then a regular 3 series is it because of the transfer case? Also as you said the CV joints point upwards in the front is there anything that can be done to prevent this, like would there be a camber kit or something?
The transfer case is actually mounted mid-frame approx behind the front seats. Two half-shafts run from the transfer case to the front and rear differentials. The front differential is mounted to the drivers side of the engine/oil pan. Then you have two front half-shafts, heavier duty control arms, springs, stuts, bigger swaybar, etc, etc, etc,. Starting to count those additional pounds?

In reponse to "the King" (is that the Burger King? ) Xi's have different springs, etc on all 4 corners (see above answer).

"Eurofest" sell your Xi and get a std 3-series. You are asking for alot of work to get a 330i; a model readily available on the market.... You Need to consider changes to entire front suspension (setup for front drive-shafts). Remove transfer case, so new main driveshaft, hangers, etc..... Just my thoughts....
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