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thanks for the replies.

I did look for some of these things on, and i found many answers...
I need help finding local part sources most of the time... even junkers, although I'd rather not.

lights. yes they do come on all the time. key in - light on. i'll take the knob out someday and see whether it's broken or bridged or something.

cupholders... any other alternatives other than oem? nobody made a better product?

water pump.... i looked on realoem and yes there are two sensors.... on my pump there's only one. hmmm...

the cluster.... i can't get a definitive answer on this one. some say the dealer won't program a used dash. some say there's carsoft 1.3.6 that might do just that. I can't find anybody with it to give me a definitive answer.

wipers. i'm pretty sure it's not the ignition switch. i don't have any abnormalities described as a cause for a faulty switch. there is a tsb though on those relays. (updated parts)

siren... can't find anything on other than how to replace it...

so that's about it...

Thanks a lot for the input.
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