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The ICV is the only way the car gets air at idle. The TB is closed. Therefore, if the ICV is blocked... no air... no runnola.

1) I would quickly check your air filter.

2) Check your coil, if you have a meter. (find the tolerances online for the test) - Disconnect your battery first....

I've only seen a few things that will kill an engine once it's running. Wiring issues with the AFM, the ICV, the main relay.

3) Without the engine running, listen to the TB as you open the throttle with your finger, it should click just as the throttle begins to open. If you don't hear a click the Throttle position switch could be miss-aligned or clogged with oil. This could cause the engine to run super rich.

4) Try starting the car, and keep your foot barely on the gas pedal, try to keep the rpm at 1000 - 1500. This will bypass the (idle control valve) ICV. Let us know what happens.

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