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Today I replaced the spark plugs. Now the car fires up pretty quickly but then dies afterwards (at one point I felt like it was trying to idle but then lost the battle)...

I am going to do the following to fix it:

1. Clean out the ICV once I figure out where it is.
2. Go to a gas station and pump it full of good gas.
3. Drive it.
4. Hope that the oil in the exhaust is just condensation mixed with carbon and nothing else (although it is still leaking it when I start it up).

So, here are my new questions:

1. Looking at the pictures, can you guys please tell me what the things are that I have red arrowed?
2. Where is my ICV based on the diagrams?
3. What does it mean if your spark plugs are coated in gas?
4. What other tune up things can I do or clean that is fairly easy? (And where in engine compartment that thing is)

Thank you.

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