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Hello everybody - long post

So I purchased an e38 (1998 740i) a few months ago (february)
The car has a rebuild title but it was priced accordingly.
I know most of you are gonna laugh at this one but here it is... this is my winter/occasional car... I ride a motorcycle most of the year and I don't think that'll change soon, although I must say that I love this car. To get an idea of how much I use this car... 1200km in 3 months or so.

A bit of history from the previous owner. He dropped about 5000 in the car before he sold it. All the service was done at McNally's. I remember cats, brakes all around (rotors and pads), water pump, belts, tires, ball joints, rear bushings (?!?). can't remember all of it but I saw receipts...

I had the transmission oil changed at toronto automatic transmission and I changed the oil in the engine. rotella 0w40 if anybody wants to argue with me about that...

Fixed the sunroof motor (it wasn't properly mounted), the CD player (fuse) and the DSP. The previous owner had a spare (used) unit and I ended up using my logic board with the power circuit from the spare one.

Once in a while I would hear and feel a pop on the left side under hard braking or acceleration. And I thought it was related to the front end suspension... but it was an engine mount. Secured last week (Autotrend - bolt was missing!!!) I also changed the starter and the battery there.

I took it out last weekend for a longer drive... The car drives really nice. No drivability issues whatsoever. Knock on wood.

Issues. Please feel free to help me with any of these...
1. The low beams are on all the time. even with the knob on the off position. And they're a bit low, so I tried to align them properly but they seem to be at the end of the adjustment range. .
2. Cupholders...
3. A bit of rust on the doors (bottom) and on the trunk.
4. I found a loose connector on the left side of the engine (comes from the left side harness. I looked in the TIS software and the closest match seems to be a temperature sensor. The car is supposed to have 2 - one for the instrument cluster and one for the ECU. However there is only one sensor on my pump. Maybe they used a different pump?
5. Pixel problems I'm around 50% right now. I know i can get it fixed for $300 but I'm looking for an alternative. I have a second dash from the previous owner. DSC does not work with it and the temper dot comes on with it. Is there any way to reprogram the used unit with the info from the original one?
6. Cruise is not working. engages but quits if it has to accelerate. I holds for a bit tho, so I guess the gears are toast.
7. missing ashtray and the flashlight is dead.. Also the wipers don't park... any idea how much those relays cost? any aftermarket alternatives?
8. AC is not working. I didn't bother to diagnose this thoroughly, but I did notice that it idles higher when selected.
9. brakes squeal under light braking. this I find a bit odd since they're new all around... maybe they need a bit of breaking in.
10. the voltage seems a bit low (13.6 on the dash) and 14 with a multimeter in the lighter socket.
11. no alarm. arms and flashes but I think the siren is gone.
12. missing caps on the locking knobs inside the car... these drive me nuts!!!

I plan to tackle all of these if I have the time this summer... Im' pretty sure that most of e 38 owners have seen some of these issues on their cars so I would appreciate any thoughts about how to tackle them.
Please share any thoughs...

1998 740i - 168km

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