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It might not be oil... it could be condensed vapor mixing with all the carbon built up in there. If it's blowing oil that bad, you have a serious issue.

Pull off the ICV and check it, it is a cylinder with a few rubber hoses going from the intake boot to the throttle body. This could be jammed with oil, clean with carb or throttle body cleaner. Without the ICV the car will not idle. With the key in position 2 all on but not start, you should hear the ICV buzz.

Put fresh gas in, with some stabilizer. Who knows what the other person had in there (and for how long).

Take off the oil cap, check for milkshake. I'd change the oil and look for milkshake there too. Oil is cheap you can get 4.4l of 20/50 at CDN tire for 9.99.

Try some of this then let us know what happened.

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